Eliminate the habit of not good beauty

3. června 2015 v 12:59
Each people all beauty, especially female friends, so most of the women are through a variety of ways to let oneself become more beautiful, but some cosmetic habits will not only fail is beautiful and extra points, but also to leave bad impression.
Bad habit 1: self's nail polish and polish glue
Ordinary nail polish painted a few days will begin to drop, jagged edges very beautiful effect degree, Gel Nail Polish although stronger than ordinary nail polish but a long time will be in the edge of tilt, so girls will own deducted polish or polish glue, but this model is actually very harm to nail, than with the resurrection of the water, a removable mode let you a face becomes thinner, so that a surface to produce more vertical stripes and this behavior is easy to addiction, once when you started to pull the nails, you couldn't help buttoned up to the buckle the clean all the nails so far.
Bad habits 2: over to horny
Tender skin touch everyone likes, but in order to get the ultimate touch you will have been frequent use of exfoliating cream?? go on like this skin although temporarily become transparent and white, but go down for a long time is the epidermal layer damage, lead to sensitive, easy redness, acne and other skin problems, the correct way to use should be a week with only 1 ~ 2 times can be, even for oily skin should not use too many and too frequent use to horny cream but easy to let your skin become more love out of oil.
Bad habits 3: never clean brush
Your makeup brush but bacteria hotbed, unless they can be cleaned on a regular basis, but you really can do? You know when your makeup brush makeup, skin on skin cells and grease, dirt will cling to makeup brush, if continue day after day will allow the bacteria to accumulate more, and even brush to the face. It is easy to cause one of causes of acne. It is recommended that you can best monthly cleaning twice cosmetic brush, use a special cleaning tools, after a good wash to put in a cool well ventilated place to dry, so you can make a longer life of the brush, will also protect the skin good.
Bad habit 4: wash your hair every day.
Let your body dry clean is a polite, but if in the cold season every day milk bath clean body shampoo will take away the skin surface of the protective grease, so if you feel like you're not sweating or is no hair oil can use simple water rinse is not even wash, reduce the baths and reduce the temperature of the water can help protect the skin surface sebum membrane caused by loss.
Bad habit 5: pull the eyebrows cause eyelid relaxation
Now there are a lot of people still in by the withdrawal of the mode to eyebrow shaping, which can make the eyebrow more beautiful, even the hair growth speed will slow down, but pulling eyebrows when you must pay attention to is to hold the eyelids. Only in this way, it is not easy to cause relaxation.

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